What Your Portfolio Managers Think about your Investment Opportunities.

9 May, 2018

Last week,  I attended the IPC Due Diligence seminar in the windy city of Chicago.  It was a great trip and was my 3rd time to Chicago.  It’s an amazing city and has a lot of similarities to Toronto, although it’s clearly a lot richer and they’ve mad... Read more

The proposed Liberal tax changes – be very scared!!

4 October, 2017

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If you are a self employed incorporated individual, you should be quite upset about the proposed Liberal tax changes.... Read more

Insurance Trusts

13 September, 2017

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A typical concern with life insurance deals with the simultaneous death of both parents who have minor age children.... Read more

Disability Insurance Unplugged

21 August, 2017

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If you are a self-employed individual, you should consider purchasing disability insurance.... Read more

What do you do with your company pension if your downsized?

21 August, 2017

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When you joined Nortel 10 years ago, you thought…”This is great! It's a big company, I'm ambitious…I'll be here until retirement.... Read more

Choosing an Executor for Your Estate

21 August, 2017

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Estate planning may be the most difficult topic people need to raise with their families. Many avoid it altogether, believing that everything will sort itself out, and that loved ones will understand their intentions even if they aren’t explained in... Read more

Best Way to Purchase Mortgage Insurance

21 August, 2017

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Mortgage Life Insurance purchased through a lending institution is generally not a good product. You should consider purchasing an individually underwritten insurance policy sold through a licensed insurance broker... Read more

A Word about Beneficiaries

29 September, 2014

The discussion about beneficiary designations comes up when we are setting up life insurance policies. A husband and wife usually indicate each other as "primary" beneficiaries on their policies. I then ask them who they would like to receive the proceeds... Read more

The Most Important Tax Shelter of all

19 August, 2014

So, you’ve been inundated with information about RRSP’s, mutual funds, stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, options, trading options, spiders, dividends, and currency exchanges. Your US funds have skyrocketed and your NASDAQ account is looking very pretty!... Read more

How should a Self Employed Person buy Insurance?

20 July, 2014

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When it comes to purchasing insurance, many self employed consultants are confused as to how they should cover off their risks. This article will address this concern. In assessing your insurance needs, you should purchase insurance that covers off a... Read more